About TFNP

The Tech-Forward Non-Profit (TTFNP) is a collection of thoughts, ideas, and lessons learned over the past 6+ years growing the I'm Too Young For This! Cancer Foundation into present-day Stupid Cancer. This book is written for the non-profit CEO, Executive Director, COO, CTO, Program Manager, Social Media Marketer, and anyone curious about leveraging technology to advance the mission of their organization.

As of fall 2016, the book is currently in the development/first draft phase. You can sign up below to receive updates about the book's progress.

Kenny is able to translate information into actionable, educational content that speaks to other business owners in their own language and help them succeed.
— Tracey Wallace, Managing Editor @ Bigcommerce
Many non-profits are time and cash constrained. The Tech-Forward Non-Profit teaches non-profits how to operate efficiently and best put their limited resources to use.
— Wade Foster, CEO @ Zapier
Kenny has a unique ability to educate, encourage and motivate change through his writing. His insights not only inspire greatness, but help businesses of all sizes find a clearer path to success.
— Brooke Beach, CEO @ Kevy